Michael T. Crowley, CPA
Personalized Professional Service Specializing in Small to Medium Businesses


We provide professional consultation in the following four areas:

  1. Business Acquisition, Estates, Expert Witness, Valuation Consultation
  2. Information Technology Service
  3. Business Start Up Services
  4. Compliance Training/Consulting

Business Acquisition/Valuation Consultation

  • We provide services to business owners, including physicians and other medical providers who are looking to acquire or sell an existing business.
  • We review proposed purchase or sale agreements for capital gain, ordinary income, or other tax treatment implications.
  • We also provide due diligence services including the review of the proposed business with a view toward business valuation. Specifically, we look at detail accounts receivable and the cash application process to insure that A/R is not overstated.
  • We also look at the valuation of goodwill to insure that the purchase or sale is in compliance with state bulk sales or IRS amortization guidelines. This insures maximum tax benefit to both the purchaser and the seller.
  • We additionally advise our clients of forms of organization for the purchased practice with a view toward income tax minimization and tax compliance.
  • These services are provided at hourly rates ranging from $85 to $150 per hour, depending on the level of staff necessary to fulfill the engagement.

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Information Technology Services (including Turn-Key Operation)

  • For growing practices who decide to bring the billing and/or accounting function "in-house" we can install a windows network (2 - 15 machines) that will allow data entry from several locations. Our award-winning billing or accounting software with customized fee schedule, patient database, specific practice information, authorization tracking and customized forms and reports will be installed onto the new network, and we will provide initial orientation, training, education, and on-going support.
  • This entire package is often delivered for a price under $5,000 depending on the number of workstations installed.
  • We additionally provide customized programming for specific applications relating to day-to-day accounting or billing functions. We are Sage 50 (Peachtree) and Quickbooks specialists.
  • We also assist in the evaluation of operations with a view toward expanded profitability.
  • Support and customized programming services are provided at hourly rates ranging from $65 to $155 per hour, depending on the level of staff necessary to fulfill the engagement.

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Business Start Up Services

  • When starting a new business, much paperwork must be completed prior to starting operations. This paperwork includes application for an Employer Identification Number, forming your business (corporation, LLC, partnership, d/b/a sole proprietor, etc.), application as a sales tax vendor (if applicable), registration as an employer, obtaining workers compensation and disability insurance, setting up unemployment insurance, setting up billing and accounting systems, obtaining start up loans and lines of credit, etc.
  • We provide these services to our clients at rates ranging from $55 - $135 per hour. These rates are seen by our clients as the most competitive in the area, and relieve our clients of tedious, one-time tasks that require some familiarity before adjudicating.

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Compliance Training/Consulting

I am frequently called upon to provide consulting services in the business offices of practices where cash flow or compliance concerns are issues. I have assisted major hospitals and medical practices in the development of their specific, comprehensive compliance programs. I have additionally assisted in the development of a national compliance program service product at a major national consulting firm.

  • My firm provides specialty-specific risk assessments that determine the scope of work necessary for the provider to come into compliance with CMS, Medicaid and OIG guidelines.
  • I further provide training and education including development of comprehensive, specialty-specific policies and procedures that, when implemented, bring the provider into Medicare and Medicaid compliance.
  • For those providers that additionally request monitoring and auditing services, the process is finalized by creating a formal compliance program that will minimize the practice's risk of OIG sanction or adverse findings upon Medicare or Medicaid audit. The training is focused on elements contained in the OIG's model guidance, and includes chart documentation, diagnosis and procedural coding as well as the registration information capture process (waivers of liability, MSP, confidentiality, etc.), billing procedures, and monitoring and auditing procedures.
  • Ancillary services (e.g. Lab, Hemodialysis, Pharmacy, Radiology) require additional specific attribute testing and training. Where software enhancements can be made to minimize personnel involvement, those recommendations are outlined in a cost/benefit ratio.
  • Due to the variable nature of practice conditions, this service is billed on an hourly basis rather than as a "package." These services are provided at hourly rates ranging from $55 to $115 per hour, depending on the level of staff necessary to fulfill the engagement. Additionally, this service requires a small retainer to be paid up front.

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