Michael T. Crowley, CPA
Personalized Professional Service Specializing in Small to Medium Businesses


Accounting services include preparation of adjusting journal entries (e.g. depreciation, accruals, etc.) and monthly financial statement review.

  • We provide your practice with monthly financial statements on an accrual basis that detail current month and year-to-date operations (actual versus budget).
  • We examine your balance sheet to insure that reserves are properly calculated, if applicable and that liabilities are accurately stated.
  • We review quarterly payroll and sales tax returns for accuracy and completeness. We look at accounting transactions with a view toward tax minimization as well.
  • We also provide liaison services with your auditor, if applicable. We prepare work papers and audit schedules that minimize your audit expense.
  • These services are provided at rates ranging from $85 - $175 per hour, depending on volume.


Bookkeeping services include payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash receipts and cash disbursements as well as quarterly payroll, sales tax and other reports.

  • We reconcile the bank statements each month to insure accuracy and cash integrity. For our medical clients, we also track expiring malpractice insurance premiums, licenses, and DEA registrations as well as any other specialty-specific payments that your practice must pay on a periodic basis (occupational licenses, etc.).
  • We assist in the purchasing function, if requested, to insure that your business obtains favorable rates when buying insurances, supplies, or services. We present checks on a periodic basis (e.g. semi-monthly) for your signature to insure that your monthly bills are paid correctly and on time. Again, we do NOT maintain escrow accounts or take check-signing authority on your accounts. Therefore, all checks must be signed by you. This insures sound internal control over cash disbursements.
  • These services are provided at $75 per hour.

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